Theoretically, all that can be done in the retail environment could be possible under eCommerce. However, the various players realized much to their chagrin that the average online consumer treats the same product differently in Retail and eCommerce environment, as also behaves very differently. The meek customer who sometimes is even shy of asking price of a product in Retail scenario transforms to a very confident and shrewd eCommerce buyer. The online customer today wants the best product at the best(value) price and wants it delivered intact at his doorstep at the time of his choice.

Yes, the stage of the economy in the country of domicile, the micro/macro environmental factors, the life stage of the consumer and various other factors impact the buying behaviour, but, there are trends and traits and requirements that are similar across the globe. Team is very well versed with online business / eCommerce and has played a significant role in some of the big success stories in India and abroad. We have extensive knowledge of eCommerce models in the following domains:

Travel, Travel Products & Accessories
Stationery & Office supplies
Home Improvement Products
Home Furnishing Products &
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