Digital Media

Across various possibilities in the Digital Media domain, Team has contributed the most to ‘Service Kiosks’ and ‘IPTV’ businesses. While the promoter (Achal Kaushal) of the business took lead in various initiatives launched by his then employers and oversaw the first ever trials of Triple Play in India and of in-retail ‘Service Kiosk’ implants; the other team members have hands-on experience of handling such services on the Telecom network / operator side.

It goes without saying that ‘Content’ made the above possible and miles ahead from pure voice call services the true power of digital media is visible when serving / handling and managing Content. Conversion of sms to Voice or other voice based customer utilities aside, the Content rightly repurposed can be monetized and can prove to be very useful to the consumers.

We can help you develop a fresh perspective of ‘Content Distribution’ through Digital media and can handhold your management team for trial / launch of your next service.